Letter To Employers

Jane Doe

(Director of Training and Recruiting)
Dear Jane:
Thank you for your reply and the interest you have shown in our agency.


This program offers support and the opportunity to get assistance from our employment team to prepare
our clients to rejoin the workforce. Our Employment Preparation Workshops include:

  • Employment Planning
  • Achieving Personal Goals
  • Job Objectives And Labour Market Information
  • Resumes And Cover Letters
  • Communications And Formal/Informal Networking
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Interview Skills
  • Profile Development
  • Introduction To Job Development

Also, Oasis offers training modules to our clients. These modules include:

  • WHIMIS Training
  • Customer Service
  • Work Ethics and Values
  • Job Retention


Oasis offers computer training to our clients who require upgrading. Our Computer Work Shops include:

  • Microsoft Office training ( 2003 & 2007)
  • Operating System Training ( XP, Vista)
  • IC’3 Training
  • A+ Certification

After completion of these programs, the Oasis Job Development Team offers employment assistance by working one on one with each client.

Our Job Developers are responsible to generate leads by going out into the labour market.

Yours truly,
Frank Terzo
(Employment Placement Manager)