How It Works

Oasis welcomes anyone who is serious and committed to finding employment. We can help you take the next step. If you are currently out of work and collecting Employment Insurance or a recipient of Ontario Works or ODSP, you qualify. Those receiving no income may also qualify for our services.

All Oasis Employment Preparation (EP) clients go through the simple and effective procedures we have put in place before being considered Job Ready


The Intake process is administered by our Intake Coordinator. The purpose of this is to identify the client name, contact information and source of income. Upon arrival at Oasis the client will be asked to fill out our registration form and sign a consent to release information page. From there, an appointment will be set up to meet the Employment Counselor.

Assessment/Action Plan

The Assessment will be held by a certified Career & Employment Counselor. A briefoverview of the services we provide will be explained where a mutual decision can be made, weather or not Oasis would be a good fit. Client and counselor will discuss specific employment barriers such as housing, food/clothing, transportation, family care and health.  If both parties are satisfied with the outcome the second part “Action Plan” will be developed.

The Action Plan is based on two criteria — a short term goal and a long term goal. Both counselor and client will discuss education and training, employment history and skills relevant to the clients goals. The counselor will introduce, discuss and arrange a schedule for the Employment Preparation Workshops.

Employment Preparation Workshops

Before being considered into our Job Ready Client list, all clients will go through our  Employment Preparation Workshops . These workshops include Career Objective, Labour Market Information, Resume & Cover Letter Development, Formal/Informal Networking & Communications, Job Search Training Techniques, Job Interviewing Skills, Mock Interview Session, Profile Development and Introduction to Job

Job Search & Placement

Upon completion of the Employment Preparation Program, the participants will work with our experienced Job Development Team to find the job that is right for them.  Whether the participant is preparing to re-enter the workforce or looking for a new career, we can help.  The Job Development Team continually researches the labour market and individuals work one-on-one with the Job Developers to find the ideal job.

Oasis Job Placement Services also include job maintenance support for a minimum of six months after employment to assist both the employee and the employer overcome any issues that may arise.

*NEW* Employment Training Modules *NEW*

Oasis has been working together with a group of experts from Engage Learning Systems in the development of four  Employment Training Modules . Based on our client review, and employer feedback we believe that these modules will be a major asset to our clients job search and retention. These modules were designed with hopes of increasing the employer confidence of hiring a more job ready employee and include topics such as; work ethics & values, safety & awareness, communication & relations and job maintenance & working with others.